Pottery Barn Terra Cotta Pumpkin Hack

Pottery Barn Terra Cotta Pumpkin Hack

Love the Pottery Barn Terra Cotta Pumpkins all over social media but the price isn’t in your budget? I’m sharing my hack to help you achieve the same look for a much more affordable price!

Michael’s Paintable Pumpkins


For this project, I used these 5” and 8” paintable pumpkins from Michael’s. Unfortunately, these are not available online and I could only purchase these two in-store. I would have loved to purchase more but I am already on the hunt for a few others and I’ll keep you updated on that! 

After prepping my work area with painter’s paper, the process was pretty simple! I painted the first coat with Folk Art Craft Terra Cotta Paint in the color Pueblo. This paint has a light texture already mixed into the paint so there was no need to add anything to the paint! YAY!

Folk Art Terra Cotta Paint

After allowing that first coat to completely dry, I added a top coat of Wicker White Folk Art Craft Paint and wiped away the excess paint with a damp, lent free cloth. I worked in small sections and removed the paint on the high spots while keeping the paint in the cracks and indentations. If you remove too much, simply reapply and wipe less off until you achieve the desired look.

Pottery Barn Terra Cotta Pumpkin Hack

I created a short video tutorial of the process on Instagram and you can view it here! Don’t forget to tag me on social media if you try this process! I’d love to see it!! 

After the pumpkins are dry, the fun begins with styling!! These cuties are in my dining room for now, but I have a feeling you will be seeing them in lots of different places throughout the Season!

Pottery Barn Terra Cotta Pumpkin Hack

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