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Kitchen Reveal Part 1: Upper Open Shelves and Countertops

Today I’m sharing the reveal of the first part of our kitchen renovation…the Upper Open Shelves and Countertops! We’re finally finished with this part of the renovation and I’m so excited to share all of the sources and links with you!

Farmhouse Kitchen with Open Shelves

I know open shelves aren’t for everyone but they’ve been on my wish list for so long and I’m so glad they’re finally complete!! We used the same faux brick method we used for the fireplace and created a framework for the shelves. Once that was complete, we added the 12”W x 1”H pine boards for the shelves securing them with simple metal L-brackets on each end. I wanted to make sure I had lots of room for large platters and food boards so the shelves are 16” apart. Since the shelves aren’t symmetrical on each side of the stove, I chose to paint them to minimize the asymmetry.

Farmhouse Kitchen Open Shelves

We added the shaker peg rail under the first shelf for added storage. This project was such an easy DIY with a big impact and I’ll share all the details in a separate post! Since we added this peg rail, I kept the walls shiplap without a backsplash. We may add something in the future but I love the simplicity of the shiplap. 


Farmhouse Kitchen

The countertops are also a DIY that totally EXCEEDED my expectations! The countertops are a marble epoxy using the Carrara Marble Kit from Stone Coat Countertops. (Coupon Code RGDESIGNS10 for 10% OFF) The Stone Coat website and YouTube channel have tons of videos but I also shared a step-by-step process of the method we used for our epoxy marble tabletop in this previous blog post.

Epoxy Countertops

Marble Epoxy Countertops

All of the Sources are linked in my LiketoKnowIt account but you can email me with any questions! 

If you’d like to see more views of the kitchen so far I have a video on Instagram that you can see here. 

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