Easter Baskets - My Favorite Sources for Our Handmade Liners

Easter Baskets - My Favorite Sources for Our Handmade Liners

Our Handmade Basket Liners have been a huge hit this Spring and we’re often asked about sizing and sources for Easter Baskets so I gathered up my best finds of the season for you in this blog post! 

Easter Basket Liner

The baskets used in our listing photos on our website and Etsy shop are actually Easter baskets from our twin sons first Easter almost 21 years ago!! These are from Pottery Barn and no longer available but have withstood the test of time (and twin boys!)

Our basket liners are designed to accommodate round baskets up to 15.5” in diameter and 8” deep. The liners can be tucked into the basket and ties adjusted for smaller baskets.

There are multiple sources for baskets but I’ve listed a few of the most popular and at different price points for you below. 

Easter Basket Liner


Pottery Barn Sabrina Baskets  

Pottery Barn Sabrina Basket


Pottery Barn Seagrass Baskets

Pottery Barn Seagrass Basket


The updated version of these Pottery Barn baskets looks a little different but the liners are still compatible with the small and large versions. 

Target Plastic Willow Easter Basket

The photo below shows the 12” Target Basket with our Natural (Cream) Liner. We do have a “No Text” option to purchase the liner without personalization!

Easter Basket Liner


Easter Basket Liner 

Michael’s Large Honey Colored Willow Basket 

Large Honey Colored Willow Basket

There are obviously multiple other options for Easter Baskets out there but these baskets are the closest to the ones shown in our listing pictures and have multiple price point options for any budget!

We’d love to see photos of your basket liners! Tag us on social media and you can follow our shop’s latest updates on Instagram @returninggrace 

Please feel free to reach out and let us know if we can help with anything else!




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