DIY Velvet Ornaments

DIY Velvet Ornaments

Loving all things velvet this Holiday Season and want to find a way to incorporate the soft matte look and texture of velvet into your ornaments? I have all the details to create these inexpensive DIY Velvet Ornaments!

Velvet Ornaments

S U P P L Y  L I S T : 

Embossing Powder

P R O C E S S : 

Remove tops of ornaments and set aside to paint if necessary. Since the tops of my ornaments were silver, I painted them gold using Rub’nBuff.

Insert Skewer into ornament and secure with one hand while brushing Modpodge over the entire surface.

Sprinkle the embossing powder over the surface and shake off excess. Be sure to add a paper plate or large piece of heavy weight kraft paper under the work area to catch excess embossing powder and return it to the container for future use. I made 8 ornaments and used ~1/4 of each of the 3 colors so I have lots left for future projects!Velvet ornaments

Keep the ornament on the skewer and place in the precut holes on a box or piece of styrofoam to allow the ornaments to fully dry. 

Velvet Oraments

Once fully dry, move the entire box with with ornaments outside and add a light coat of Clear Matte Spray Paint. When painting, make sure the ornaments are spread out far enough to prevent the powder from the other ornaments transferring onto each other. You can see in the pictures that some of the gold powder was transferred to the black ornaments when I sealed, but I actually liked the look so I was ok with it! 

After replacing your tops on the ornaments, you can add velvet ribbon or traditional ornament hooks. 

Velvet Oraments

Velvet Ornaments

Velvet Ornaments


I love the way these turned out and I hope you enjoy them too! Please be sure to tag me on social media or send me a message if you try them! I’d love to see your creations!! I have a short video of the process that you can watch on Instagram here.


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Stephanie these are beautiful. Great idea and I can’t wait to try it out.. thanks for sharing.

Renee Brown

Thanks for sharing velvet ornaments. I love this idea and I’m a decorator for Festival of trees and I’m always looking for new few ideas. Merry Christmas


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