DIY Curtain Corbels and Rods

DIY Curtain Corbels and Rods

Looking for an inexpensive way to hang curtains? These DIY Corbels and Rods are perfect for a custom look without breaking your budget! 

DIY Curtain Rods and Corbels

When moving into a new home or updating a room, it feels like the expenses are endless! One of the places I like to save money with an easy DIY is curtains and rods! In this post I’ll walk you through the quick DIY Corbels and Rods for custom hanging. If you’d like to know more about the easy DIY curtains (with a no-sew option) head to this blog post. 

To start, we designed a simple pattern for the corbels. This patten is in printable PDF form and can be used to make your corbels directly from your printer without any scaling or adjusting. Just make sure your printer settings aren’t compressing the image by double checking the measurements once printed. 

Corbel Design


We used left over 12” wide by 1” thick pine from other projects. The corbels are 8” long x 7” wide so you need to make sure you have enough wood for both corbels.

First, we traced the pattern onto the wood. Next, we used a hole saw to cut the opening for the rod out first. This step is important because if you try to cut the hole for the opening after the corbel shape is cut out, the wood will likely break (trust me!) Then we used a skill saw to cut out the corbel shape. After a quick coat of Benjamin Moore Simply White paint to match our walls and trim, the corbels are ready to hang!

We purchased a 1.5” diameter by 72” Dowel Rod from Lowes and cut it to fit the corbels and windows. I stained it with the same stain as our floors but the rod could easily be painted also. 

I used these 2” black curtain rings for hanging the curtains and the project was complete! 

Since we reused some supplies on this project, the total cost was under $75 for a custom set of curtains and rods! 

DIY Custom Corbels and Rods

I’d love to see your projects if you use these corbels so please tag me in your social media posts or send me a message via the website! 

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